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China Telescopic Boom Crane
THHI marine telescopic boom cranes are suitable equipped on the deck for bulk cargo ships or offshore with enough free space. The crane installed with lifting winches.The crane can鈥檛 extend and folded. But for its simple structure, it鈥檚 price and maintenance cost is the lowest.
THHI Marine/Offshore folding boom crane marine crane, save space andhandle the most challenging jobs with the Knuckle boom crane.
Lifting Range: 140 UP TO 30000 KNM
Max Outreach: 6-40 m
Certificate: ABS,BV,CCS, DNV,LR,NK,ISO
Application: Luxury Yacht, Oceanographic, Work boat, Oilfield, Coast Guard or Military industries
Features: Stiff bow free booms with the dexterity for accurate, safe, and efficient material handling;Low price and maintenance cost.
Flexible enough to maneuver into hard-to-reach locations, the Knuckleboom crane is perfect for cargo applications and locations with difficult access from overhead. THHI Marine group can design the foldable cranes based on API-2C regulations and rules.These cranes are suitable when the deck space is limited.
Their design combines maximum performances with flexible working operations. These cranes are handy and allow comfortable working operations in all operative conditions.
They are designed and manufactured in conformity with the current Marine Rules and they can be customized on request. The small size ship folding boom crane is more durable and has less moving parts. The hydraulic davit crane is the perfect solution for standard, ordinary lifting & handling needs. A fixed boom marine crane works faster and is mostly used to transport groceries and smaller, more ordinary lifting & handling purposes.
Marine Crane also can be called Marine Deck Crane, Ship Crane, Deck Crane, are manufactured by modern hydraulic systems and high strength design coupled with modern fabrication techniques. Hydraulic telescopic boom cranes are fully proportional for precise controlled motions.
Marine Crane Application
Marine Crane can be used in port, wharf, freight yard, refloat, ships, salvage boat, etc. The Marine Crane can lift and load dangerous cargoes, oil and chemical docks. Marine crane is often installed on the ship deck. applied of where there are not much loading & unloading operation, supply lifting hook, electromagnetic chuck and grab bucket as customer requirement.
Marine Crane Feature
1. With integrated hydraulic power pack
2. Fail-safe brakes on all movements
3. Fully enclosed and equipped drivers cabin
4. Dual pump system with separate hydraulic circuit for hoist and luffing/slewing to ensure efficient cargo handling
5. Variable speed hoist trolley
6. Suitable for all kinds of ships and low power consumption and high efficiency.
Marine Crane Specification
Load capacity: 0-80 tons
Lifting height: 0-35m
Slewing speed: 0-1.0r/s
Lifting speed: 0-10m/min (stepless speed)
Max/Min working radius: as per your requirements
Slewing degree: >360掳
Max inclination: (Heeling) 5掳/ (trim) 2掳
Power supply: as per your requirements
Design temperature: -10掳C<T<+45掳C
Wind speed: Max (working):20m/s Max(no-working):50m/s
Control: Manual platform or cabin or remote controller
Certificate: CCS ABS BV or as your requirement
Advantages of this knuckle and telescopic boom ccstal crane
* Running smoothly.
* Rates of speed can be changed.
* 360 degrees rotary.
* Both electro hydraulic and manual to control.
* Operate conveniently.
* Safety and reliability.
Jib Ship marine deck offshore crane pedestal hydraulic telescopic knuckle boom crane with ISO standard
The crane is controlled from an open platform above the slewing ring. One motions each (hoisting ,slewing or luffing) can be done with full load.Each hydraulic circuit is provided with equipment for limiting hydraulic pressure to preset values corresponding with crane capacity. The crane is provided with an automatic hook stop in top position.Over load safety device.Luffing up- down.  The luffing cylinder is designed for safe buffering in extreme positions.
SWLMax Weight(T)2514
Max Length(M)1014
Sea state5-6
Beaufort No.6
Model No.THHIM650Unit
Max Heel/trim8掳/4掳degree
Wind speed range11.3-13.9m
Significant wave height(m)3.9m
Hoisting speed(0-12.5t)0-40m/min
Hoisting speed(0-25t)0-20m/min
Hook Travel300m
Working Radius2.5-14m
Luffing angle0-75掳degree
Slew angol360 unlimited angledegree
Design temperature40/-10degree
American Welding Society,all important welds are carried out in accordance with welding procedures. After welding, a certain amount of NDT control is carried out.
Steel Structure
The steel quality is selected in accordance with ABS to obtain necessary ductility for the lower temperature design limits.Steel structure:pedestal,slewing device,straight arm
Slewing Mechanism
The crane is provided with a slewing ring designed for marine applications. The gearing is internal. The slewing gear is of the planetary type with multi disk brake, adjustment of backlash betweenpinion, slewing motor is gerotor motor.
Safety system
The safety devices are strongly constructed and approved for mainly lifting application. Big importance has been placed on the provision of adequate safety features throughout the design of the crane structure and its associated system.
Main Features And Advantages
The advantages of the telescopic cranes are low weight and less complex design making them maintenance-friendly. This offshore crane especially wildly been used in the mild-east area for the OSV (oil service vessel); which is especially designed according to the harsh working environment there. THHI Marine Telescopic cranes can be designed and manufactured by clients' requirements in our own factory. The perfect solution for applications that require reach and compact storage, the Telescopic Boom crane is available with two to four box boom sections.
TB series crane: End User Advantages
1. Compact design
2. Small footprint
3. Delivered as one complete unit ready for installation to vessels
4. Easy access for periodic maintenance, service and repair
5.24 hours after sales services support.China Telescopic Boom Crane

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