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Bio: Our History
In 2003, Gosun Electronic CO.,LTD was established in Cixi, Zhejiang,China. In 2008, the R&D and manufacturing base was established锛宎nd improved to be Goosvn Electronic CO.,LTD; After this, Goosvn has conducted innovation with great passion, following the development of various connection techniques, and formed a perfect system of connect technology by ourselves. GOOSVN provides world-class products and high-quality services for the industries ,which including electric power, electronics, communication, machinery, building, security and industrial automation ect... Until now, Goosvn has more than 600 pair moulds and all kind of machines over 100 sets锛宎nd have set up relevant institutions in nationwide and over 30 countries and regions.
Our Factory
With the Continuous improvement and innovation of connection technology, GOOSVN has become the first batch of factory which could produce 80% terminal blocks by Automatic machines. Moreover, GOOSVN Terminal blocks are well-sold at China and abroad more than 30 countries and the quality has been widely recognized and praised. GOOSVN provides customer in fields, which including electric power, electronics, communication, machinery, building, security and industrial automation etc.
Our Product
PCB Universal Screw TerminaL Blocks
Pluggable Terminal Blocks
PCB Spring Terminal Blocks
Feed Through Terminal Blocks
Barrier Terminal Blocks
Transformer Terminal Blocks
Product Application
Electric power, electronics, communication, machinery, building, security and industrial automation etc.
Our Certificate
Production Equipment
Over 100sets Automatic Assembly Machines
Production Market
100% terminal blocks has requested the UL certifacate.Goosvn Electronic CO.,LTD has built the widely business relationship with the South Korea, South African and Russia.GOOSVN also has over 20 sales offices in China Sush as:Nanjing,Beijing,Shang hai,Shenzhen,Chengdu,etc.
Goosvn Electronic CO.,LTD has build the widely business relationship with ePLAN(Germany)锛學e are the first partner of Eplan in terminal blocks of China.
Our Service
We have the experienced sales team to service for our customers. If the customers send the inquiry to us, We could give them our suggestion which bases on the clients鈥?requirements or description. We also could offer the correct terminal blocks to customers, if customer just send us the drawing or part number of competitors.
If the clients have any special requirement of the terminal blocks, we could offer the ODM service for the customers. We have our lab and R&D Team; Most of engineers are dedicated in terminal blocks over 8 years, so that We could offer the products as the requirement.
Customer service is the one of the most important parts of our sales. If there is any problem about our service, you could complain by telephone (+86-574-63506772) or send the email to ( will check and reply you in 12 hours. If there is any problem for our quality, we will reply you in 12 hours at most, and give your strategy in 24 hours by email or phone call, 8D report will send to you in 48 hours.China 2.54 Pitch Vertical Spring Terminal Blocks suppliers
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